Monday, March 31, 2008

making a 1 minute video based on this photo to the right.....get to make 4 dresses!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

"one of those days"

Lately its been so nice and warm down in Va and i can't complain! But with the warm quote my CAD professor...."the crazies come out." And its true. This thursday was
"one of those days" that anything and everything went wrong. I woke to an email from VCU about a shooting in a local park. Unfortunately that morning a VCU sculpture student was robbed and killed. I never met him but texted my friends to see if they did and unfortunately I had to tell my best guy friend Elliott about his friend Tyler. (please keep his family and his friends in your prayers).
So the day kept more unbelievable events happened. There was a sniper on a local highway in the afternoon. And later my best friend Kiera was assaulted while running at a busy park in broad daylight! (and i was suppose to go with her that day but had class) It was ridiculous everything that happened...I walked around with the chills and extra care that day. It was a scary day and it at night ALL the street lights in Richmond were out! I couldn't see 10 feet in front of me ... it was "one of those days"

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easther!

Even though VCU doesn't celebrate easter....we sure do! some good easter fun and dying. (surprisingly enough mason was right in with us art kids)

mason became jackson pollack

we stuck to the pretty colors

mas (self proclaimed professioal egg dyer)
made this cute lil egg for me...ha adorable
oops (nothing my mom hasn't seen! ha bugger off
i love him)

Monday, March 17, 2008

be persistant

what I've learned the past 2 days is to be persistent...never take no or your wrong as an answer.
this lil epiphany came during our 30 day sprint trial and they came out with a new "green" phone. Now many might think why be so picky about the color of things....but just remember that I am an interior design and that's a huge part of it! To make a long story short...after 7 customer service reps, 4 calls and 2 hours later....I am getting my new green phone in the mail in 2 days!

plus my computer died again!(2nd time in a week) so i had to give my 2 sense to Dell too. And looky looky a new hard drive is on its way too!
So be picky, be pushy (yet nice) and don't give up

(PS the dell lady i talked to for an hour was great and so was sprint....they helped me and fixed my problem...thank you wherever you all are for a job well done!)

What I've been up to

Its been awhile and thank goodness for spring break!!! (yes i went home...exciting i know)
Over the last 2 weeks.....

I've decided to take a 2 weeks camping/backpacking/hiking/bio course this summer in WV (o and there's rafting and stream studies and mountain lions! favorite!)

Natalie got her braces off!

eve turned 9 months and started to crawl!

I've decided to minor in environmental sustainability!

saw Tiff's blinged out engagement ring (way to go Gregg)

Mason took me to the Baltimore aquarium! new favorite animal...stingray! (forgot my!)

now i have a lot to think about for next semester and what and where I'll be getting myself into...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ah midterms!

so i don't understand how all important tests and projects get cramed into the same week....blows my mind and i don't get any sleep.

heres a pic of my niece Eve that brightens up my day in a heartbeat!
ooo underwear!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


My brother Gregg proposed to his darling girlfriend, Tiffany yesterday ....and she said yes!!!! its so excited to see them engaged and couldn't be happier for them. They truely are wonderful people by themselves but together so much stronger. I love them both and am so happy they are finally engaged!